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Club Registration form TN Handbook for Regions & state

Requirement for Registering club with TNAAU for Regions & State Tournaments

This is from Page 6 of the TN Handbook


Registration for all TEAM TN tournaments including, open, developmental, Top 100, region, and state must use Track Wrestling for registration and the collection of registration fees paid to Track Wrestling. The tournament host must use TNAAU as the lead into tournament name as well as who Track Wrestling is to send the registration fees to. TNAAU will provide the current address for TNAAU to all region directors by no later that the fall board meeting each year.

The TNAAU treasurer will be responsible to make sure those registration funds sent to TNAAU are to be deposited immediately upon receipt from Track Wrestling. The Treasurer will then send a check with the appropriate amount to the host within two days receipt of funds from Track Wrestling.

TNAAU pays all Track Wrestling charges for tournament fee collection and administration. If host club requests wire transfer of registration fees they will be responsible for that cost. They must also provide that information to TNAAU treasurer 10 days prior to tournament.

Club contacts should register their club by December 15, so they will be covered by insurance. Club contacts will be required to enter member names and email addresses (coach’s email if necessary), as well as all eligible coaches with an AAU card, on their league-approved team roster by January 15, in order to participate in the region and state.

Application for TNAAU Sanctioned Tournament

Fill out this form to request a TNAAU Tournament for me to add to Track

Out of State Wrestler Ruling May need edit

This is straight from the TN Handbook in ref to Out of State Wrestlers


Out of state wrestlers that have participated in the TNAAU State Tournament for at least the last two years (2017,2018) will be grandfathered in to continue participating for two more years. The 2020 State Tournament will conclude this phase-out period for these limited eligible wrestlers, assuming they also qualify in 2019. Any out-of-state wrestler whose parent is employed as a teacher, coach, or administrator at a TN school will be allowed to wrestle for the TNAAU club at the host school.

Team Tennessee Wrestling is governed by the articles and bylaw as set forth by the board of directors. In addition, member organizations are bound by the Team Tennessee Rules Handbook.

Required Equipment

The equipment/uniform for wrestling consists of headgear to protect the ears, a singlet, and wrestling shoes.  This year, wrestlers may wear short sleeve compression shirt and fight shorts of proper length or a singlet. (If you have braces or orthodontic devices a mouth piece is also required.)

Organizing a sanctioned AAU Wrestling Club provides benefits of insurance coverage (at a small cost) as well as opportunity to provide organized practice with training partners. Clubs are organized at the local level.