This is a year of change as we are renovating our website. If you are a returning athlete or parent of TN AAU Wrestling you will find much of the same information as well as some new information. If you are new to TN AAU Wrestling you can find information that will help you learn more about Team Tennessee Wrestling as well as find events to participate in. Whether you are new or returning please take time to view what is available on the website. If there is additional information you would like to see made available or if you have any questions please feel free to provide that feedback. Our hope is to provide all the information needed to participate in TN AAU Wrestling.

TNAAU is a wrestling league dedicated to youth K-8th grade wrestling in the state of TN.

The majority of our tournaments are open events that any member of AAU may wrestle in. However this year 2014-15 to compete in our state championships events or our National Duals Team you must be a club or individual member of our TNAAU league. As these events are licensed and insured by our league sanction. This means you can be a member of a league club or an independent wrestler. However you will need an AAU card with our TNAAU club code to participate at State and National teams.

Our league clubs receive the benefit of being a 501 3c club, insured coverage for tournament and site, insured coverage for practice site, as well as participation in any aau sport. ( A separate card is not needed for any other AAU sport One card will cover all sports). If you are a coach or referee you will need an AAU card as well as our league card to get free admission to our tournaments and floor passes for state. All adult cards will have to pass a background check by AAU.

TN AAU Wrestling is part of the larger National AAU Association. You can find out additional information about AAU by visiting their website at Wrestling is a unique sport compared to most sports. The majority of TN AAU Wrestling events are Open Events. This means you do not have to be a member of a team or club as in most sports. To participate in a sanctioned TN AAU Wrestling Event (as well as National Events) all you need is to have a current AAU card (purchased on-line from the National website) and pre-register (including paying entry fee) for the event. NOTE: Purchasing an AAU card makes you eligible to participate in any AAU Sanctioned Sport. A separate card is not required for each sport.

TNAAU track Wrestling Training

In an effort to help teams gain abetter understanding of how to run tournament using TrackWrestling, Team Tennessee conduct a free online training clinic. A recording / video of this training was created to help anyone who was not able to attend the training.

Click here to watch a recording of the training
TNAAU requires CDC Heads up Concision Training Starting this year, Team Tennessee Wrestling is placing an emphasis on concussions in youth sports. For this reason all individuals wishing to coach at a Team Tennessee tournament MUST complete the CDC Heads up concussions Training. When training is completed, you will be abele to print our a wallet card to keep with your AAU card. If you do not have proof that you have completed your CDC Heads up Concussion Training, you may be denied floor/coaching access at Team Tennessee wrestling events.

Click here for CDC Heads up Concussion Training!
TNAAU Spring Meeting Click here to view the minutes from the Spring Meeting help in May. Please contact your region directors with any questions. Also, do not forget to regsiter your club as a memeber of TNAAU. This will allow us to send out surveys to collect your thoughts before board meetings.