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State Flu Epidemic

Urgent Message from the TNAAU Wrestling Board

The TNAAU Board has met on an emergent issue and due to the extensive Flu epidemic on East TN, Juniors and MS DO NOT have to place 1-4th to Qualify for the TN State Tournament.

To be Eligible for the TN State Tournament All Wrestlers in All groups must register for Regions, weigh in for the region they registered for and then step on the mat for the 1st match to either wrestle, give a forfeit, or injury to illness to be eligible for the TN State Tournament.  This is a Board approved motion that is a compromise to help all effected Regions.

Thanks you for your support in TNAAU wrestling.

National Team Qualifying Info

9th and 10th grade AAU National Team Qualifying Tournament for the AAU National Duals in Iowa  From march 31 thru April 2nd

You must win your weight class to qualify for the National Team

Where : Wilson Central HS.

When: March 11th

Weigh in : 9 am  ( 5 lb Allowance)   you cannot wrestle a weight class below your Hydration test results.

Wrestle at :10 am

Cost : $10 Entry fee,  paid at the door.


AAU Middle school National Team Qualifying Tournament For the AAU National Duals in Iowa . From March 31-April 2nd

State Champions are automatically qualified for one of the two teams.  The Champion of the Qualifier becomes the 2nd Qualifier for one of the two teams.

If State Champ Declines to go, then we will take the top two at the Qualifier

Where  Wilson Central HS

When : March 4Th

Weigh in 9 am ( 3 lb Allowance) 

Wrestle at 10am

Cost $10   Register on Track when available



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