Welcome to the Home of Team Tennessee Wrestling

Team Tennessee Wrestling is a wrestling league dedicated to K-8th wrestling in the state of TN. Majority of our tournaments are open events, which any athlete holding an AAU card is eligible to participate in. We have several changes, voted on my the board of directors, for the 2015-2016 season that all teams, coaches, patterns and participants should be aware of.

1. Regions 1 and 2, from the 2014-2015 season,  have been combined into a single region. The new Region 1 will encompass the former region 1/2. The Chattanooga area (formerly region 3) will now be region 2. The middle Tennessee area (formerly region 4) will now be region 3. The west Tennessee/Clarksville area (formerly region 5) will now be region 4.

2. All Clubs, who wish to participate in TNAAU Region and State tournaments must register their team online and pay the $15 TNAAU League registration fee (independent wrestlers do not APPLY) . Any team not registered as Team Tennessee club, will be ineligible for the Region / State tournaments.  Any club hosting a TNAAU tournament is required to be registered with TNAAU. Any club wishing to vote on Region matters, including region director, must be registered with TNAAU, and have paid their TNAAU League registration fee. This is an election year, be sure to register before your region meeting. If you are not registred you WILL NOT be able to vote for your region director.

3. In an effort to support the development and growth of wrestling in each of our four regions, we have adopted new zoning eligibility requirements for athletes. All athletes MUST wrestle for a club located within the Region where the athlete resides and/or attends school.  If the athlete does not wish to wrestle for a club within their zoned region, they may practice/compete with a club in another region. However, that athlete will not be able to score points for that team or region in any TNAAU competition. The athlete can still medal in any tournament, but they would be a non-scoring wrestler for the team.

4. Once an athlete has participated with Team in in any TNAAU event, that athlete must remain with that team the entire season. Should the athlete switch teams, they will still be eligible for individual placement. However, the athlete would be ineligible to score team points for their new team for the remainder of the TNAAU season.

5. Beginning with the 2015-2016 season, team trophies will be awarded for each division (Tot, Bantam, Midget, Junior, and Middle School). Each team will be eligible to score a maximum number of wrestlers equal to the number for weight classes in the division (example…. there are 11 weights in the Bantam age group; any team can score their best 11 Bantam wrestlers regardless of the weight class of the participant). We will also award an elementary champion by averaging the finishes of all teams in the Tot thru Junior age groups.